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About this film

There is a road that brings you from one place to another in about eight minutes. A place wrapped in a landscape where nature manifests itself in an atmosphere of permanent renewal, where I arrived after a short car journey, whose path leads to a lake that merges with the immensity of a grey blue sky. It was during this journey that I became aware of the existence of two times that come together in the same image, which allowed me to adopt the concept of “double time”. The first allowed me to become aware of the fleeting movement of the landscape during this journey - a present time that is constantly changing into the past along the road; the second, a time that has become static through the images fixed by the camera and through my gaze during the drive, generating memories of a childhood that made itself present through experiences and sensations. These two times stimulated in me the unmistakable perception of the surrounding landscape, activating memories of a lived past.

Rogerio Paulo da Silva (Director)