Monte Amiata

  • Director: Tommaso Donati
  • Origin: Switzerland, Italy
  • Year: 2018
  • Runtime: 22 min
  • Colour: colour
  • Language: no dialogue

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About this film

Monte Amiata is a residential complex in the Gallaratese neighbourhood in Milan, designed by architects Carlo Aymonino and Aldo Rossi at the end of the 1960s. It was created with the intention of representing a parallel microcosm, a sort of alternative city of the future. In referring to its unusual colour and shape, its inhabitants call it the red dinosaur.

Monte Amiata is a project that was created with the desire to continue a work about loneliness and social marginalisation, but above all for a fascination towards a place and how his inhabitants relate themselves to it. This place is called Monte Amiata, a residential complex in the suburbs of Milan, designed by Carlo Aymonino with the help also of Aldo Rossi in the late ’60.

The visionary architect Aymonino believed in an urban utopia and designed an arduous complex building that could facilitate the life inside. His composition power recreates an ambivalence almost baroque brought in an urban scale.

When I visited for the first time I felt a vertiginous loneliness that brought me me to include in the film a protagonist that was struggling with this feeling.

I wanted experiment through a silent language, constituted of mysterious gestures of the protagonist that every day is swallowed up by this austere architecture that surrounds her and the constant presence of the technology that represents his memory.

Tommaso Donati (Director)