After months of work, it is finally finished: the first issue of The Art(s) of Slow Cinema magazine. Published by tao films, it contains articles by John Clang, Sebastian Cordes, Daniel Fawcett and Clara Pais, Maximilian LeCain, Nadin Mai, Caitlin Meredith, and Aleksandra Niemczyk. With a cover design by filmmaker Sebastian Eklund, The Art(s) of Slow Cinema comes in an A5 format with a fastback binding, and will give you 83 pages of previously unpublished material including a sketch book by filmmaker-artist John Clang from Singapore.

The Art(s) of Slow Cinema Issue 01 can now be pre-ordered. In order to ensure that the production costs will be covered, tao films will collect 20 pre-orders at a time before it prints and ships them. As soon as the prints are ready, a shipping date will be communicated to each supporter individually.

For any questions and enquiries, please email