Slow Short Film Festival Special

In September 2017, the very first edition of the Slow Short Film Festival took place in Mayfield, England. The SSFF aimed at celebrating the wealth of contemporary contemplative films from around the world. Now in its second year, the festival has continued to highlight the best of slow films that have recently been made. tao films is exceptionally proud to have become a partner of SSFF and support its mission in giving talented filmmakers a platform for their work.

In cooperation with SSFF, tao films is honoured to show a selection of nine films that have struck us during the festival submission process. We have selected nine films that are all very different from one another. They tell a variety of stories, use a variety of visual aesthetics, but they all have one thing in common: the use of slow cinematic time and and aesthetic of observation for a vertical analysis of their respective subject matters.

We would like to thank all filmmakers who have agreed to us showing their films on our platform. It is an honour to show your work. We would also like to thank the organisers of the SSFF for their helping us to make this filmmaker showcase possible.

And now, enjoy the films!